Catching up on a lot of Stuff

I think I have all my PHP glitches fixed.  Click on the “Holler At Us” button below and send us a message to let us know we got it right.  If it doesn’t work, click on my email link and let me know that, too.

First off, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Sunday, June 8, is the West Michigan Reptile Expo at the Howard Johnson on 28th street just east of U.S. 131.  We should have our usual spot right inside the door.  We still have a few Dendrobates azureus and D. auratus green & bronze juvenile frogs.

Next, a bit of good news:  We’ve been approved as a dealer for Rolf C. Hagen, the manufacturer of Exo Terra terrariums, as well as a number of other pet product brands.

Exo Terra Glass Terrariums 

These terrariums offer different sizes and shapes that fit just about any frog species, including a new 36-inch wide model that’s 18 inches deep and 24 inches high!

Captive-bred frogs have been hard to come by lately, but should be picking up later this summer as tadpoles start to morph.  We do have a shipment of captive-bred Big-Eyed Tree Frogs coming in around the end of this month, and will have lots more darts by the end of summer, and most likely Red-eyed Tree Frog babies, too.

Finally, we are working on orders for the fall, so if there’s anything you are looking for, use one of the links below to let us know.

Happy frogging,

Jim and Marcia

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