January shows bring date, location changes

The new year is bringing a new date for the Kalamazoo Reptile Show and a new location for the West Michigan Reptile Show in Grand Rapids.

The Kalamazoo Reptile Show is earlier this month, on January 5.  The West Michigan Reptile Show in Grand Rapids is still on the second Sunday, January 13, but is moving to the Howard Johnson conference center on 28th street, just east of the U.S. 131 exit.  This facility is at ground level, so no more stairs to climb (especially nice if you buy one of our naturalistic terrarium kits).

Below is an example of the kind of water feature you can design with our kits, using our Hydroton clay drainage material, which is a fraction of the weight of gravel.
Water Feature Closeup

For more photos, check out our updated About Us page.

This month we have added two new frogs, but I haven’t had a chance to photograph them yet for the web site: Tiger-Leg Monkey Tree Frogs, and Clown Tree Frogs. These amazing guys have (respectively) bright orange and black stripes on their legs, or are a beautiful maroon with yellow spots.

We still have our captive-bred baby Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, our Vietnam Blue Tree Frogs, Green Tree Frogs, and captive-bred Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads.  If there are any other species you are looking for, please let us know by visiting our Contact Us page.  Filling out the contact form will also put you on the list for our email newsletter.

We’ll also have all the goodies to go along with our terrarium kits: coco huts, coconut panels (great for backgrounds), grape vine, driftwood, live plants, submersible filters, heat cables and all that great stuff.

 And, of course we will have our fruit fly cultures as Blaptica dubia roaches – adults and nymphs.  These guys are one of the best feeders on the market, and have the highest meat-to-shell ratio of any feeder insects.

 We look forward to seeing everybody at the shows in January!