Even cooler than the Geico Gecko!

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Lygodactylus williamsi Common name: William’s Dwarf Gecko

We received five male and 12 female William’s Dwarf Geckos this week!

In the wild these blue-green arboreal dwarf geckos can only be found in Kimboza, a small tropical forest in Tanzania. They have been introduced into captivity quite recently due to deforestation of their natural habitat but these geckos are still rare to get. Captive breeding in Europe is increasing the number of Williams dwarf geckos available, but it still will take a while before they will be seen on the market more often. Exportation will probably stop in the near future to protect these little blue geckos. Adults can reach a total length of 2 to 4 inches (60-100 mm).

Dominant males have a beautiful blue color, females are a copper patina coloration with some dark green.Young or sub-dominant males also look like the females. The best way to determine sex is to check for hemipenal bulges and preanal pores. Males often will have a full black throat coloration while females have a lighter throat that is divided in lines. Both sexes have an orange and yellow underside which is as spectacular as their blue colors.

These rainforest dwellers should do well in one of our naturalistic vivariums.

Male Williams dwarf geckos are $79.99; female Williams dwarf geckos are $69.99; and a 1.2 trio is $199.99

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