On-Line Store is Up and Running!!!

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Well, we’ve learned more about PHP scripting than we ever wanted to know, but we finally got the on-line store up and running.

The site is on an SSL server, but it is a shared SSL certificate belonging to our ISP, so you may get a certificate error when you sign on.  Don’t worry, it’s secure.  We are working with our ISP to get our own SSL certificate in the near future.

We decided not to wait until we had all of our products on the site before going live, so keep an eye out as we add to our catalog of high-quality amphibian merchandise.

 We also have a few “tweaks” needed to completely customize the store, and will work on those as we progress.  If you notice any problems with the site, please let us know on our contact page.  Even if you don’t notice problems, please feel free to let us know how you like it.

We look forward to using this new tool to more efficiently serve our customers, and look forward to hearing from you,.

Happy frogging,

Jim and Marcia