Calling Tarzan! Is there a Tarzan in the Building?

We are really excited about our newest product that we will offer at the West Michigan Reptile Expo Sunday, February 10,at the Howard Johnson in Grand Rapids!

REAL as in, “somebody cut these things down with a machete, and shipped them to us!”

Perhaps the craziest looking of the bunch are Frankenstein Vines. These knarly, twisty things look like some sort of mistake of evolution – they are so ugly they are cool!

Then, there are the Surreal Vines:

Surreal_vine.jpgSurreal VinesNatives call these undulating beauties “Monkey Ladders” because of their shape. One of these would look really cool with a vining plant like creeping fig working its way up the ladder.

Dangling Pig Tail Vines look like the monkeys got bored and started braiding the vines just for kicks:

These are available in two sizes: the smallest are about an inch in diameter, the larger up to 3 inches in diameter.

If you’ve got a critter that’s more on the chunky side, you might want to consider a Sumba Vine:

These fat boys are thick and strong, easily able to handle a full size dragon, monitor, or a pretty big snake!

Looking for more “freak factor”? How about a Tentacled Shoot?

What the heck? did a hurricane drop an octopus in the jungle, where it dried up into these?

Or, are you looking for something different that the same old driftwood to create climbing perches? Bali Wood Blossoms are just the trick!

Sometimes referred to as “parasite wood,” these freaks of nature grow out of fruit trees on the island of Bali. Residents cut them off, and the lumps left on the tree trunk aid in climbing the tree to harvest the fruit.

These can be used anywhere you would use driftwood to make a perch: mount them sticking out of the substrate, silicone them to the background, whatever, they will catch viewers’ eyes much more than another chunk of driftwood.

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