New Stuff for this Weekend!

Sunday, February 10, is the West Michigan Reptile Expo at the Howard Johnson in Grand Rapids, and we’ve got new stuff!
For those of you thinking of moving in to dart frogs (coming this spring), we are now stocking bromeliads.

Dart frogs like to use bromeliads as both a place to perch, and to rear their tadpoles. Bromeliads hold a small pool of water at the cup created at the base of the leaves, and many species of dart frogs will deposit their tads in these to keep them safe from predators. If you are getting into darts, you’ve got to have some of these in your vivarium. Get them now, so they have a chance to get established before you get your darts – which are due later this spring!
We are also carrying epiphytic orchids, mounted on cork bark.

We are looking forward to seeing these orchids bloom, because they arrived from the wholesaler without I.D. tags. We were told they are all terrarium compatible, so look at it as a surprise package!

And, we have added to our selection of tropical plants with several new varieties of philodendron, fern, and two varieties of alocasia.

We also received a new shipment of sheet moss, and still have some nice pillow moss in stock.

The Pillow Moss can be used to cover the entire substrate, or as an accent with sheet moss or leaf litter.
And, speaking of leaf litter, we are now stocking Magnolia Leaves, the premium leaf to use if you want to create a layer of leaf litter. Magnolia leaves are slow to decay, so they don’t throw off the nutrient balance of the vivarium like some other leaves can. They provide great hiding places for both microfauna and feeder insects, forcing your frogs to behave more like they would in the wild, foraging for food, instead of just waiting for it to drop to the substrate in front of them.

And, watch for another post on our new natural Jungle Vines. Imported directly from the rain forest, we now have all kinds of sizes and shapes of REAL jungle vines for your vivarium. These are really COOL, and I can’t wait for you to see them!

If you can’t make the Grand Rapids show, look us up at the Kalamazoo Reptile Show on February 23.

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