Kalamazoo Reptile Show added!

We’ve added the Kalamazoo Reptile Show on December 15 to this month’s schedule. So, if you can’t catch us at the West Michigan Reptile Expo in Grand Rapids December 9, you have another chance to see us.
I haven’t had a moment to spare in preparing for these shows, so I apologize that the photos in this post are not our specific animals, but hopefully after these next two weekends, I’ll have a chance to set up the photo studio for new frog photos.
We just received some great new frogs for the December shows, including Red-eyed Tree Frogs:Red-EyedTreefrog-1
These captive-bred babies are about 1/2″ long and cute as all get-out. They are eating fruit flies, preferrably D. hydei, but most could probably tackle pinheads as well. We are going to be offering a special price when you buy two of these cuties.
We also received some “Vietnam Blue Tree Frog” specimens. They definitely look like Polypedates, but we are having a bit of trouble tracking down the exact species. They could seem to be somewhere between P. dennysi: chinese_gliding_frog_lg
and P. chenfui:polypedatesChenfui
If you think the blue phase Australian White’s are blue, you should see these guys! They vary (depending on mood?) between powder blue and turquoise, and are about an inch long. They are gobbling up size 2.5 crickets like there’s no tomorrow. I haven’t had time to calculate exact price, but they will probably retail for about $45.

We’ll also have some marbled, golden, and a tokay gecko with really low prices; plenty of fruit fly cultures; more Blaptica dubia nymphs and adult pairs, as well as food, water gel, and roach flats; springtail colonies; the frogs mentioned in our previous post, and a ton of cage furnishings, including grapevine, eucalyptus root driftwood, and driftwood stumps; submersible filters; hydroton (great for a light-weight drainage layer); and our special long-lasting substrate mixture that’s perfect for naturalistic frog vivariums.

I hope we can fit everything on two tables …

Looking forward to seeing you all,